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Bright Kids Nursery Summer Space Camp Program

Enroll Now! Sign aboard the Bright Kids Nursery (BKN). Voyage around the world!

Get your Bright Kids passport stamped as you explore new worlds and discover new experiences. Free Registration for AY 2019-20 with the summer camp enrollment at Bright Kids Nursery.

  • Summer of fun and explorations.
  • Hop onto the Bright Kids enterprise for a fun Expedition into the starry realm.
  • Build rockets, fun dress up for the star fleet, get gooey with our slime factory and much much more…
Visit any of our branches between 8 am to 5 pm to view our facility!
Call or WhatsApp – 0566877977

Learning is fun at Bright Kids Nurseries!

Bright Kids Nursery Space Camp -

BKN Branches:

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