Five things you should know about your child’s dental care

Children going to nurseries in Dubai and thereafter to kindergarten have to keep a healthy mouth and smile. And parents have a huge responsibility to ensure this happens apart from the usual “Be sure to brush your teeth” slogan that kids keep hearing all the time.

To start with parents should set a good example by establishing good habits for brushing and keeping a healthy mouth and a winning smile.

Here are some of the things parents should learn:

1. It’s not too early to brush.

Brushing should be practiced even on infants! Although for infants, brushing is done differently using infant tooth and gum wipes to swab their child’s gums before teeth come in.
This gentle tooth care delays bacteria from growing in your child’s mouth and in small folds of the tongue. Once your child has at least one tooth, you can start with a soft-bristled kids toothbrush with a tiny grain-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush after breakfast and after dinner.

2. Fluoride toothpaste is safe from the start.

The American Dental Association says its best to begin brushing for kids with fluoride toothpaste. Use a pea-sized dab around the time the child turns three. Teach him to rinse, gargle and spit.

3. Brushing technique really matters.

A child should brush at least for two minutes – 30 seconds for each topside and another 30 for lower two sides. Although two minutes may seem too long for kids between ages 3 and 5 it may not take a full 2 minutes for kids who don’t have all their teeth in.
Teach your kid never to ‘scrub’ their teeth back and forth. Instead, tilt the bristle toward the gums and brush each tooth in tiny circles.

4. Floss daily.

Flossing should begin soon as teeth are touching each other. No matter how well you brush, there are places that cannot be reached where the teeth are touching. Just make sure you can press firmly on the sides of the teeth.

5. Go to the dentist both early and often.

Your child should visit the dentist by the time he or she has the first birthday. A pediatric dentist will conduct an oral exam and begin a dental history. Besides early and frequent dental visits give your child the best chance to have healthy teeth.

Source: Children’s Dental Center

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