Is your child obsessed with screen devices

Before mobility and digital technology changed the dynamics of children and their daily life and social behavior, Books were the best companion and reading content could be monitored.

While it is a challenge for parents to monitor what their children see of ready today in the digital era, it is quite easy to monitor what a child is watching on a tab or mobile.

Parents and schools can also block certain websites to prevent children and teens from accessing unauthorised content.

The question is what is the parent doing today. As a toddler, a child is given a tab or mobile to watch so that the parents are not disturbed making the small child wanting to see some activity on the phone which even can be harmless to start with. Let us keep in mind that the world wide web has millions of sites which are harmful to a child but available at a click which can be unintentional. Opening one such site can get cookies landing into the tab or mobile enabling continuous content being pushed to the device.

Parents need to find ways and means to monitor content consumed by children online and today technology helps just do that.

Toddlers to age group 10 are innocently looking at rhymes, fairy tales, movies for children. They can be influenced by online advertisements that can lure their innocent and curious minds to watch what is not relevant to their age.

Alan Domingo was once surprised to find out communication between his child or age 10 with an unknown person online. He said it was quite scary and had to reboot the tab and add ensure content security was in place. Every parent can do this by going to the content security features available no the computer or tab and decide what content can be consumed by the child even block ads that are pushed online to one’s device.

Play Schools and Nurseries also play a very important role in diverting children interests from screen devices like tab, phones to activities that help in the children’s development. It is here that the teachers can educate small children and divert their attention from the need to be using a tab or any other screen device.

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